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Air Monitoring

Dust Analysis

Consisting of solid, small particles Dust can be a problem for a wide range of industrial and domestic processes. ALS Environmental are able to provide customers with a range of services associated to Dust monitoring from our Coventry laboratory which holds UKAS ISO 17025 accreditation for both Desposited and Directional Dust monitoring. Common industries who require routine monitoring of atmospheric dust include:

  • Waste Facilities
  • Mining
  • Construction Sites
  • Agriculture (Crop spraying)

The Environment Agency describes particles measuring between 30 to 50µm as a general nuisance as they tend to be deposited and dispersed quickly. The nuisance or deposited dusts can affect the local population and ecosystems for up to 1,000 metres around a source due to there ability to be deposited over a large area based on atmospheric conditions. Once the particles settle they can show up up as a deposit on surfaces in the local environment such as window ledges and parked vehicles.

ALS Environmental can help support your Dust monitoring projects by providing dust sampling equipment that can be placed on site for a period measured in hours, days or even weeks.