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Air Monitoring

PM10 Analysis

To assist customers in monitoring the quality of the air on their site ALS Environmental are able to offer an accredited solution. The analysis of airborne particulate matter is required under the guidance of European Commission Directive 2008/50/EC. ALS Environmental are able to assist customers in complying with the EC guidance for the analysis of PM10 by offering UKAS ISO17025:2005 accredited testing from our laboratory in Coventry. 

For PM10 analysis the laboratory will prepare the filters before being issued to customers. The filters are dried upon receipt at the laboratory to remove moisture. The filters are individually contained within filter heads. Clinical transportation conditions are recommended to eliminate accidental particulate contamination during the transport process. Upon receipt of the filter samples back to the laboratory they are analysed by our trained analytical technicians prior to the data being recorded for PM10 or PM2.5 upon on LIMS system. 

PM10 analysis will measure particles that are greater than 10 micrometers, which are considered as hazardous to human health. It is possible for smaller particles to pass the bodies defence mechanism and enter the deeper cavities of the Lungs, hence the option of a PM2.5 suite.