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Water Microbiology - Current & Emerging Issues in Healthcare

Jul 16, 2015

ALS Environmental are delighted to announce that we will be one of the Gold Sponsors of The International Biodeterioration Biodegradation Society (IBBS) event; in conjunction with Public Health England (PHE). The focus of the two-day event will be "Current and Emerging... Read more »

Chemical Investigation Programme 2: July Update

Jul 1, 2015

ALS Environmental are one of a handful of UK laboratories that are supporting the utility sector in analysing samples for the Chemical Investigation Programme (CIP) 2. As part of this programme ALS Environmental have been using pioneering analytical technology and methodology to reach challenging limits of detection in matrices including Surface Waters and Trade Effluents... Read more »

Reduced Limit of Detection for Monohydric Phenols

Jun 29, 2015

ALS Environmental is pleased to announce that following revalidation our reporting limit for Monohydric Phenol, method WAS019, will be lowered to 0.10mg/l.

Monohydric Phenol refers to a group of phenolic compounds that include phenol, the three methylphenol isomers (cresols) and the six dimethylphenol isomers (xylenols). These compounds are the major source of phenolic pollution in rivers and streams. It is undesirable to... Read more »

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