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ALS Environmental Ltd & ALS Life Sciences Ltd COVID-19 / Coronavirus Update 22/9/2020

Sep 22, 2020

During the course of the COVID-19 pandemic we have written to you on a number of occasions to update you on the actions we have taken both the reduce the risk of COVID-19 ransmission within ALS Environmental and ALS Life Sciences and to ensure that we have the resources available to maintain the range of services and service levels you would expect from ALS.

We have been pleased that during the initial period of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were successful in our objectives. Our staff absence rates due to COVID-19 infections and self-isolation rates were at the lower end of our planning expectations and whilst we had to take the unfortunate step of placing a number of staff on temporary furlough leave, we have been able to maintain a full portfolio of services and ensure that our service delivery levels were broadly unaffected by the impacts of COVID-19.

Over the summer period, we have been working very hard ensuring that our laboratories continue to provide a COVID Secure working environment as we have seen levels of demand return to pre COVID-19 levels and most of our staff are now back at work. We continue to work flexibly with some staff continuing to work from home and others working on shifts across an extended working day to facilitate social distancing within our workplace.

However, you will have seen from recent news bulletins that COVID-19 infections levels are rising once again, and as a result, we are anticipating an increased level of absence from the workplace as staff are required to self-isolate due to the development of COVID-like symptoms or as a result of requests by the Government’s Test and Trace system. It is, therefore, possible that you may see some short-term reduction in service levels in some of our laboratory sections as we address this problem.

However, we have retained our COVID-19 Steering Group, which continues to meet regularly, and we are currently reviewing our controls and resource requirements so that we can respond rapidly to any issues that arise as we move into the autumn and winter season.

Please be assured that ALS will make every effort to maintain service levels and we will update you on the actions we are taking as the situation develops. 

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