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Update To Drinking Water Pesticides and Herbicides Offering

Jan 23, 2017

ALS Environmental have taken the decision to refine our current pesticide and herbicide offering on drinking waters. We experienced a number of challenges with our Drinking Water Pesticide analysis in 2016 which resulted in delays and cancellations to samples. We have taken the opportunity to review the analytical parameters in each of our Pesticide... Read more »

HSG 282 - Spa Pool Testing Guidance Released

Jan 20, 2017

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) have today (Friday 20th January) released some new Health and Safety Guidance for Spa Pools. The new Spa Pool guidance is entitled Health & Safety Guidance 282 (HSG 282). Spa-pool systems are a recognised source of diseases caused by infectious agents including the organism that causes... Read more »

Refurbished Metals Laboratory at ALS Coventry

Jan 9, 2017

ALS Environmental are pleased to announce the opening of our brand new metals instrument laboratory in Coventry where we will process over 50,000 samples annually, across five ICP-MS and two ICP-OES instruments. The laboratory, previously used for preparation of samples for metals extraction has been completely renovated, including the installation of new flooring, walls, ceiling, benching and gas lines.... Read more »

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