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ALS offers an extensive range of environmental testing solutions including expert laboratory analysis, field testing, and site sampling. Find out more about our services or request a quote.

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ALS are pleased to announce that we are sponsors of the Water Management Society (WMSoc) Webinar Series

Apr 29, 2021
ALS are pleased to announce that we are sponsoring the Water Management Society (WMSoc) Webinar Series with the next instalment entitled; ‘Biocidal Action and Testing Methods in Industrial Water Treatment’. WMSoc was established in 1998 as a professional non-profit Society, run for the benefit of its members and ALS are proud to be members and work alongside them. By gathering expertise from every sector of the industry, the WMSoc offer informed and professional assistance in... Read more »

The Benefits of Laboratory Based Analytical Testing

Apr 23, 2021
In recent years there has been a significant increase of interest in field based testing, however, there are a number of factors to consider when choosing between Laboratory analysis or on site tests. Field based testing does have its advantages, such as the convenience of rapid results on site, meaning immediate action can be taken. The cost of field testing can appear more affordable initially, however it should be noted that these results could be regarded as indicative, if not... Read more »

Yorkshire Contaminated Land Forum Webinar: PFAS in Brownfield Development... Book your place now!

Apr 21, 2021
The Yorkshire Contaminated Land Forum are holding the webinar: PFAS in brownfield development on the 19th May 2021. ... Read more »

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