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Mar 28, 2023


We commit to our goals, improvements, resilience, to safety, quality, and business standards. We are part of a team that relies on one another to deliver our best. Each time we perform a task, we are aware that a client or colleague is counting on our continued effort towards improvement as well as our unrivalled hard work.

At our Wakefield laboratory, we have installed a heat transfer and recovery system to minimise the demand on air conditioning in the laboratory. The facility operates multiple gas chromatography mass spectrometry instruments which can reach temperatures of 350 degrees Celsius. The waste heat from these instruments had previously been discharged into the laboratory, leading to an uncomfortable work environment and placing strain on the air conditioning systems.  The heat transfer and recovery system diverts the waste heat into the ceiling space where it is discharged outside of the building during summer, reducing the burden on air conditioning and conserving energy.  During winter, the heat recovery and transfer system redirects the waste heat into our sample reception area which has a high volume of traffic entering from outside. With an average daytime winter high temperature of around 7 degrees Celsius in Wakefield, the sample reception area has previously been difficult to keep warm; however, with the heat transfer system now in place, our staff are reporting a much higher level of comfort during the colder months.
To ensure we continue to achieve these values we employ a range of people; from those who are already highly qualified and experienced with formal science based qualifications and laboratory experience, through to those with no specific qualifications or experience other than an interest in furthering their career path within a laboratory environment. With our ongoing training programme there is always opportunity for progression for the right candidate.

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