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Quality & Accreditation

ALS in the UK operate a fully documented quality management system accredited by UKAS to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard. We hold UKAS accreditation to the Drinking Water Inspectorates’ Drinking Water Testing Specification for drinking water testing and the Environment Agencies’ MCERTS scheme for a wide range of determinands.

ALS Laboratories (UK) Ltd hold one of the largest schedules of accreditation in the UK Environmental Sector. However we are also able offer additional unaccredited services.

Our full UKAS accreditation schedules and certificates can be seen below:

1314 - ALS Laboratories (UK) Ltd:

Accreditation Certificate - Coventry, DOL, Dublin, Otterbourne, Field Services - Sampling & On-Site testing, Wakefield

Schedule of accreditation - Coventry, DOL, Dublin, Otterbourne, Field Services - Sampling & On-site testing & Wakefield

1291 - ALS Laboratories (UK) Ltd:

Accreditation Certificate - Hawarden

Schedule of accreditation - Hawarden

ALS in the UK participate in a range of proficiency testing schemes, including:

PT Scheme Analysis Covered
CRYPTS, EQA, LEAP and QWAS Microbiology and Cryptosporidium
Aquacheck, Contest and RTC Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

ALS Hawarden hold a Plant Health Licence that allows us to import soil samples from abroad, the licence is issued by The Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA).

ALS' Legionella testing laboratory holds an LCA Certificate of Registration which is issued by the Legionella Control Association (LCA). This laboratory is based in Coventry and utilises the MALDI-ToF confirmation technique.