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Technical Datasheets Additions

Oct 3, 2017

At ALS Environmental we want to help our customers in as many ways possible. We see our website as not only a place to showcase our analytical capabilities, but also a way of providing a helpful guide in explaining why, and how, we obtain the results we produce. The ALS Environmental website has a very useful section called Documents and Downloads and within this we have an extensive collection of Technical Datasheets. As our analytical portfolio grows we will continue to extend this datasheet library and we are delighted to inform you about our latest additions. 

We have two new additions in microbiology, Mycobacteria and Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group of Practice (PWTAG).

Mycobacteria are important human pathogens and cause persistent infections. M. leprae causes Hansen disease (leprosy), M. tubercolosis is the causative agent of tubercolosis, and M. kansasii and M. chelonae are opportunistic pathogens that occur in water. Monitoring and treating the threat posed by pathogenic mycobacteria is of great importance in hospital environments.

We also have a new datasheet explaining PWTAG. The PWTAG provides pool operators with a detailed plan for technical operation of their pool by ensuring it meets quality standards that will provide a healthy experience for swimmers using recognised and established practices, techniques, engineering and design. For this reason all UK pools are heavily encouraged to follow it and we describe how you can do this.

ALS Environmental now have added a BOD Technical Datasheet. Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) is defined as the mass of dissolved oxygen required by a specific volume of liquid for the process of biochemical oxidation over a 5-day period at 20ºC in the dark. The results is given as milligrams of oxygen per litre of sample. This factsheet provides customers with the specifics of BOD analysis.

The Determination of Organic Compounds in Air is covered in the additional datasheet in the Air Monitoring section of our Documents and Downloads page. Our popular analysis from Silonite® coated based on USEPA TO-15 is also ISO17025 (UKAS) accredited. The versatility of Silonite® coated canisters allows a broad range of gas sampling options including soil gas, sub-slab monitoring and ambient air monitoring with Time Weighted Averages (TWAs).

The latest development to require a factsheet within Waste Management is POPs. POPs are Persistent Organic Pollutants that are resistant to environmental degradation through chemical, biological and photolytic processes. We have two datasheets that explain what POPs are and how ALS Environmental are able to support customers in complying with Waste Management 3 (WM3) by offering a full POPs suite.

At ALS Environmental we are proud to showcase not only our own analytical capabilities but also that of our European counterparts. As such ALS Scandinavia AB's laboratory in Luleå, Sweden is specialized in Elemental and Isotope testing with 15 years of experience using High Resolution ICP-MS (ICP-SFMS) and Multicollector ICP-MS (MC-ICP-MS) instrumentation. ALS Scandinavia is taking the latest in isotope testing to our commercial clients worldwide. Under Specialist Services a full datasheet gives details on the different isotopes available for testing and how this acheived.

ALS Environmental would also like to take this opportunity to inform you about the new Process Flows section in Documents & Downloads.  These contain diagrams simplifying the quote process, booking a courier collection, booking a sample drop-off and if you need to raise a complaint.

If you require any more information on the above, you would like to Request a Quote or for any other analytical enquiry, please contact your Customer Service Co-Ordinator or Contact us on 02476 421 213.