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The Benefits of Laboratory Based Analytical Testing

Apr 23, 2021

In recent years there has been a significant increase of interest in field based testing, however, there are a number of factors to consider when choosing between Laboratory analysis or on site tests.

Field based testing does have its advantages, such as the convenience of rapid results on site, meaning immediate action can be taken. The cost of field testing can appear more affordable initially, however it should be noted that these results could be regarded as indicative, if not verified or quality assured, thus meaning further investigation or laboratory analytical testing may be required.

Accredited laboratories invest significant effort in ensuring the quality and validity of the results produced. Here are some of the many benefits laboratory analytical testing offers and why you should consider this as your best option.

Technical Capability

ALS have invested in High-end instrumentation to carry out your analytical tests. By using quality instrumentation and methods, this enables Lower Detection Limits and more Sensitive Methods to be used. Therefore, the reports you receive provide Legally Defensible Data. ‘Doing it better’ is one of the ALS’s core values, and to uphold this we carry out Research and Development including New Method Development. ALS employ Chartered Scientists with significant experience, who are also involved in industry expert groups/committees e.g. ISO, BSI, SCA.

External Verification

To confirm our testing is correct and that ALS are providing you with the most accurate results we undergo Quality Scrutiny by expert bodies such as UKAS (ISO17025:2017) & Regulators through audits and accreditation & ISO 45001 (HSE Management) & ISO14001 (EMS). ALS’ performance is also reviewed by participation in External Proficiency Testing schemes and assessed against our peers and other expert laboratories. Another of ALS’ core values are ‘Belief in our ability’ we identify and only use the Best Practice in Industry Standards.

Technical Competency

All ALS staff go through robust training and monitoring to assure ongoing competence, we require our staff to be involved with Continuing Professional Development (CPD). ALS also actively supports the involvement of our staff in industry expert groups/committees. ALS methods are validated, verified and carried out in accordance with our technical and quality policies and procedures.

Quality Control

Here at ALS, all methods have Analytical Quality Control (AQC) in place and associated to every sample analysed. This is to demonstrate that our results are valid, giving you confidence with final reports. The methods we use undergo continuous assessment, for example by assessment of ‘Uncertainty of Measurement’, to ensure ongoing performance.

Dependable Quality Systems

ALS wants to offer you the very best, overall service, start to finish. ALS have a UKAS accredited quality system in place ensuring all aspects of what we do including, systems, methods, procedures and documents are controlled, ALS therefore have full Documentation and Traceability of all aspects of the analysis and data. ALS carries out routine Internal Auditing which not only limits the chance of errors occurring, but highlights areas we could also improve and make processes more efficient. There are also mechanisms in place, to identify and investigate any failures or breaches, to ensure we get it right first time, every time.

Meet Industry and Regulatory Requirements

ALS prides itself on holding accreditation with UKAS to ISO 17025, DWTS, MCERTS standards. We also hold approval from other relevant industry bodies such as the Legionella control association (LCA). To uphold these approvals, we must meet the industry’s regulations and guidelines, so you can be guaranteed the best quality from our laboratory.

All of these aspects and many more go into ensuring that accredited laboratories provide valid results, giving the customer the ability and confidence to make an informed decision. We hope you find this article helpful when making choices about your testing needs, and that this gives an insight into the dedication and expertise  ALS and our accredited laboratories provide.

If you would like more information on the services ALS offer or if there is anything further, we could help you with please get in contact with us.

So what is The ALS difference? It’s simple: RELIABILITYQUALITY - LEADERSHIP - TRUST.