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ALS Wakefield gain UKAS Accreditation for Pseudomonas

May 26, 2017

ALS Environmental are pleased to inform customers that, following an extensive validation process, we are now able to analyse both Pseudomonas species and Pseudomonas aeruginosa as UKAS ISO17025:2005 accredited tests. The scope of accreditation now includes Drinking, Ground, Surface, Process and Recreational Waters.The addition of Pseudomonas to our Wakefield scope of accreditation forms part of our ALcontrol integration strategy and will allow ALS to continue to offer reduced times from sampling to analysis as work transfers from the Rotherham laboratory.

So what is Pseudomonas aeruginosa? It is an opportunistic pathogen which needs very little nutrients to survive. The antibiotic resistant bacteria almost never infects healthy tissues, although once infection is present in a person with a reduced immune system there are very few cells it cannot infect.

The analysis of Pseudomonas is a critical test for open and closed systems in both commercial and healthcare settings. In commercial environments high levels Pseudomonas can indicate that biofilms are present in closed water systems which is an indictor of potential Legionella infection. The identification of high counts of Pseudomonas, or other oxygen dependant bacteria, in closed systems can be an early warning that something is not working correctly in the treatment process.

Click here for more information Closed System Control Association.

In Healthcare settings the analysis of Pseudomonas aeruginosa is covered in the HTM04-01, which also covers Legionella and other infectious waterbourne bacteria, such as the ESKAPE pathogens, Mycobacteria and Stenotrophomonas; all of which ALS are able to offer analysis for. An antibiotic resistant bacteria, Pseudomonas aeruginosa can be a deadly infection for those with a weakened immune system. The presence of the bacteria, even in low numbers, can have a fatal impact on immunocompromised patients in nosocomial settings.  

To view our Technical Datasheet on Pseudomonas click here.

The presence of Pseudomonas bacteria in drinking waters can have an effect on the taste and odour of your water. There is very little evidence that ingestion of Pseudomonas, either species or aeruginosa, has a derogatory impact on health. The concern surrounding  Pseudomonas in drinking water is that the biofilms it produces could harbour other bacteria which can have an impact on the consumer. It should be pointed out that over 99% of samples taken pass the DWI guide for Wholesomeness.

Jane Thompson, ALS Environmentals Microbiology & Cryptosporidium Manager at our Wakefield laboratory, was delighted to receive our extension to scope for Pseudomonas and comments:

Since the acquistion of ALcontrol it has been a target to increase the levels of  accreditation and testing in our Wakefield laboratory. By adding Pseudomonas species and aeruginosa analysis to our UKAS portfolio enables us to support a wider customer base including local healthcare facilities and care homes.

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