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New Sustainable Cool-Bags to replace Cool-boxes

Jun 2, 2021

"ALS has a commitment towards Carbon Neutral Operations by 2035 and we want all our clients to have the opportunity to help us achieve this goal and protect the environment through improving sustainability".

At ALS, we are conscious of the amount of single-use plastic used in our laboratories and throughout our supply chains. As part of a group-wide commitment to reduce our reliance on plastic products ALS continue to pursue strategies to minimise waste and to find alternative materials where possible – helping to create a more sustainable framework for laboratory testing. As part of those efforts ALS Hawarden are pleased to announce a new range of sampling inventory to replace a range of plastics used across the business.

One of the key items which has been reviewed is the use of plastic cool boxes to store and transport samples to our laboratories. Although not a single-use plastic, the average lifespan of a cool box is only two journeys due to the damage which occurs in the field and during transportation. Between 60 and 70 cool boxes per week are disposed of at ALS Hawarden as they are no longer fit for use – creating a clear rationale for the use of more durable and sustainable alternatives.

After a successful trial ALS Hawarden have now introduced fabric cool bags for the transportation of samples to the laboratory to replace plastic cool boxes. These branded cool bags are functional, reusable, and recyclable and the switch will result in over 15 tonnes of plastic being removed from use each year!

By using these fabric cool bags for your sampling you are not only helping ALS to meet our own sustainability goals, you will also be reducing the amount of carbon and plastic used in the supply of your own analysis and making a positive contribution to the minimisation of plastic across the industry. 

Key Points

  • Light weight cool-bag with strong shoulder strap for ease of carrying.
  • Secure clear plastic pocket on top of cool bag for label / customer paperwork.
  • Appropriate for transporting soils and water samples on overnight courier networks.
  • Recyclable cardboard inserts and reusable foam container holders add to the strength and protection of samples within the cool bag.
  • Sample fit inserts remove the need for bubble wrap bags (single use plastic).
  • ​Reduces manual handling risk by limiting sample numbers and weight to less than 15kg.

Packing Instructions for cool bags

ALS branded cool bags will be provided alongside sampling containers for return and details of the requirements for packing are provided below:


  • Place the ALE230 (eco box) /ALE260 (1kg plastic tub) in the foam holder in the base of the cardboard box- 6 solid samples can be packed in 1 cool bag.
  • Place the cardboard divider on the top of the containers.
  • Place the slotted cardboard dividers on the top of the horizontal cardboard divider and pack the ALE210 (250 g glass jar) /ALE215 (60g glass jar) in the compartments. Add 4 frozen icepacks into the compartments on the top layer.​​ 


  • Place the slotted cardboard dividers into the base of the cardboard box (12 compartments).
  • Add containers into the compartments. Keep the taller containers on one side of the box.
  • Add 2 frozen icepacks into the compartments.
  • Adjust the horizontal cardboard divider (perforated to allow size to be changed) to allow taller bottles to stand in the compartments.
  • Place the slotted cardboard dividers on the top of the horizontal cardboard divider and pack the remaining containers in the compartments. Add 2 frozen icepacks into the compartments on this layer.
  • For water vials place the vials in the foam cube holder and place in a compartment.​ 

​For further information please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager or our Client Services Team at Hawarden.

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