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Latest News

Report Format Update

Jul 13, 2020

ALS Environmental will be making some changes to our report format from next week. Most of the changes are quite minor in nature and have been requested by UKAS in order complete our transition from ISO17025:2005 to ISO17025:2017 and achieving multi-site accreditation status.

The principle content and supporting accreditation remains unchanged. However, you may notice some changes relevant to your reports so we would like to take the opportunity to explain what the changes are.

Accreditation Standard.

The implementation of the new report format will complete our transition to the latest version of ISO17025 and from that point on we will be formally accredited to ISO17025: 2017 replacing our existing accreditation to ISO17025:2005.

Accreditation Number.

We have also taken the opportunity with UKAS to gain multi-site accreditation status. All ALS Environmental Ltd sites will become accredited under the 1314 accreditation number and all reports will be issued as accredited under Accreditation Certificate 1314.

For customers whose testing is undertaken in Coventry & Otterbourne there is no change. For testing undertaken in the Wakefield laboratory, the existing 4409 accreditation number will no longer be used.

To view & download the latest UKAS Certification and Schedules, please click here

Inclusion of Change Log for Amended Reports.

Where we issue an amended report, as Version 2, the report will include a table detailing the specific changes made to the initial report.

The aim is to provide greater clarity to our clients as to what changes have been made when reports are re issued.

Example of Report Changes Log

Code for Field Data.

Finally, where customers provide field data that is included on the final report this will be coded on the report as (F) to make it clear that such data did not originate from ALS Environmental Ltd.

In addition to the changes on the report, we will also be providing a Summary page with all of our reports. This was a requirement from UKAS to ensure that all the supporting information relevant to the report is always included at the point of issue.

ALS Environmental Ltd will no longer be reporting colour coded PCV print failure reports. Customers who receive such reports will receive PCV Print limits report without colour coding. Again, this is a UKAS requirement to provide clarity that the responsibility for identifying PCV failures sits with the customer and not ALS Environmental Ltd.

We believe that the changes will provide greater clarity with regard to our report content, but if you have any questions or clarifications please contact your customer services representative.