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Scottish Water: Chemical Investigation Programme 2 Contract Award

Oct 14, 2015

ALS Environmental is pleased to announce that we have been successfully awarded the Chemical Investigation Programme 2 (CIP2) contract for Scottish Water, who were the final UK Water Company to decide which analytical laboratory to use.​ This contract involves analysis for a range of challenging Organic and Inorganic determinands.

In addition, ALS Environmental has been approved to conduct the CIP2 sludge analysis for ​the majority of the water companies and laboratories. This will involve testing of a variety of sludge matrices for Pharmaceuticals and Metals analysis and utilisation of ALS' national laboratory network to successfully complete the project.

The CIP2 Programme is being driven by the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive. Their main objective is to increase the water quality within the EU. This is measured by numerous factors including the physical, biological and chemical quality of all ground and surface waters.  

Download the ALS CIP 2 Technical Datasheet here.


Aaron Lewis, ALS Environmental's dedicated CIP Project Coordinator, who has played a key role in the CIP2 implementation, comments:

This contract award is a great success for ALS. Our focus now is to ensure that this analysis is integrated seamlessly, in order to continue reporting the high level of quality of results that we've generated so far. It reflects well on all the hardworking staff at ALS that we have been chosen to conduct this analysis on behalf of Scottish Water, and sludge for the majority of UK water companies''

Details on ALS' full CIP2 capabilities can be found here.

Should you have any questions about CIP2, or any other analysis that we undertake, please liaise with your Customer Service Co-Ordinator, request a quotation or contact us on 02476 42 12 13.