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Waste water Inorganics - Coventry laboratory

Method Code Method Description
WAS001 BOD (5 day)
BOD (20 day)
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) at pH 7.0
WAS006 Suspended solids
WAS010 Total dissolved solids
WAS011 Preparation of Samples for Total and Filtered Metals
WAS013 Mercury
WAS018 Total, free and complex cyanide
WAS019 Monohydroxyphenol
WAS022 Total, kjeldahl and organic nitrogen
WAS025 Alkalinity
WAS027 Colour scan
WAS029 Fluoride by ion selective electrode
WAS030 Formaldehyde
WAS031 Hexavalent chromium
WAS032 Non-ionic detergents
WAS033 Sulphide
WAS034 Thiocyanate
WAS036 NH3, Cl, NO2, NO3, TON, orthoP, & SO4 by Konelab 60
WAS039 pH & EC by radiometer
WAS043 Ferrous, ferric and total iron
WAS049 Metals by Varian vista (ICP-AES)
WAS052 Dissolved oxygen
WAS059 Salinity using a Hanna test kit
WAS061 Redox Potential
WAS063 Reactive Aluminium
WAS065 Manual determination of colour using a Cecil 1010 spectrophotometer
WAS066 Determination of Turbidity using a Hach Turbidimeter Model 2100AN
WAS067 Determination of ammonia, chloride, nitrate, total oxidised nitrogen (TON), nitrite, orthophosphate, sulphate and reactive silica
WAS071 Mercury via atomic fluorescence
WAS072 Metals by ICP-MS
WAS073 Total Organic Carbon (TOC)
Dissolved Total Organic Carbon (DOC)
WAS074 Transmission
WAS075 Free and Total Available Chlorine
WAS076 Metals by ICP-MS
WAS077 Low Level Soluble Reactive Orthophosphate
CON10 Moisture, Total Solid Content and Loss On Ignition on Sludges, Soils and other Solids
OCM2 Electrical Conductivity