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Specialist Services

Asbestos Management

The use of Asbestos was completely banned in the UK in 1999, it still poses a potential problem for contractors due to its presence in buildings built pre 2000.

In meeting current regulations the analysis of materials for Asbestos contamination must be undertaken by an accredited laboratory. The ALS Environmental laboratory in Coventry is UKAS 17025:2005 accredited for the identification of asbestos in bulk materials.

Based upon the industry recommended HSG248 documentation, our internal methodologies are carried out utilising stereo and polarised light microscopy by P401 and P403 certified analysts.

To safeguard customer confidence, ALS Environmental participate in the AIMS (Asbestos in Materials Scheme) and AISS (Asbestos in Soils Scheme) proficiency schemes. The schemes asses the performance of laboratories carrying out the identification of Asbestos in soils, providing reassurance to our customers of the quality of our analytical data.

Asbestos Analysis

Asbestos is a non-biodegradable naturally occurring silicate mineral that can be categorised into two main crystalline groups, Amphibole and Serpentine.

ALS Environmental offer methodologies to meet customer needs for the analysis of contaminated land to building materials. Our UKAS accredited laboratory in Coventry can provide isolation and identification of asbestos forms, in bulk materials, including:

  • Chrysotile (white)
  • Amosite (brown)
  • Crocidolite (blue)
  • Fibrous Anthophyllite
  • Fibrous Tremolite
  • Fibrous Actinolite

ALS Environmental utilise stereo and polarised light microscopy by fully trained P401 analysts for the identification and analysis of Asbestos.

In addition to bulk materials, ALS Environmental can analyse for asbestos in soils and waters.

Air Monitoring

For airborne particulates, our Field Services and Equipment Hire departments are able to offer a selection of Air Monitoring equipment to assist demolition and remediation companies.

Air Sampling Pumps can be used, with the appropriate sampling head, for monitoring both on site and indoor locations.