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Specialist Services


ALS Environmental are able to provide customers with a range of analysis for Radiology, from a DWTS accredited Gross Alpha, Gross Beta and Total Indicative Dose (TID) from our laboratory in Wakefield, to a full Speciation of Radionuclides from our centre of excellence in Ceska Lipa (Czech Republic).

The ALS laboratory in Wakefield is our centre of excellence for Drinking Water analysis. From this site we are able to provide a fully DWI compliant scan for Radiation in water samples. Should your sample fail the PCV limit for TID then our laboratory in Czech Republic are able to offer a high quality radionuclide analysisOur European centre of excellence laboratory utilise modern techniques such as high resolution gamma spectrometry (HR-GS) or sector field mass spectrometry (HR-ICP/MS) on a range of matrices including soils, waters and food samples. 

Radiological analysis avaiable from ALS Environmental includes:

Gross Alpha Activity Gross Beta Activity Potassium (K-40)
Tritium Radium 223 Radium 226
Radium 228 Radon 222 Uranium 234
Uranium 235 Uranium 238 Lead 210
Cesium 134 Cesium 137 Polonium 210
Iodine 131 Plutonium 238 Plutonium 239
Plutonium 240 Strontium 240 Thorium 227
Thorium 230 Thorium 234 Protactinium
Actinium 227 Thorium 228 Americium 241

For more details on ALS Environmentals European Radiology capabilities please visit their website.