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Waste Management

Leachate Analysis

ALS Environmental's centre of excellence for the extraction of eluates from soils and waste is situated within our Coventry laboratory. The analysis of eluate samples can provide details on the leaching characteristics of a material. Our dedicated waste laboratory can undertake multiple leachate extractions using all of the most commonly requested methods including:

The analysis of samples to the WAC guidelines is undertaken to ensure that any solid waste taken to landfill is managed suitably and disposed of in the correct manner. The four standard classification suites under the BSEN12457 WAC guidelines are:

  • Inert WAC
  • Hazardous WAC
  • Non-Hazardous WAC
  • Combined WAC

To download a copy of our WAC limits datasheet (including acceptance criteria) please click here.

The NEN7375 Monolithic Tank test is suitable for a wide range of waste including existing monolithic structures such as concrete slabs or parts of concrete structures. Alternatively, granular waste that has been classified as Hazardous or Stable-Non-Reactive can be purposely formed into monolithic structures. The structures can have a number of different binding materials such as cement, glass, rubber or plastic. If these monoliths meet the WAC Tank Test criteria, they can be disposed of more cost-effectively, as Inert Waste.