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Waste Management

Pre-registration - "Pre-Reg"

ALS Environmental are able to offer our customers a pre-registration system known as "Pre-Reg". Under the Pre-Reg system we are able to register all of your analytical requirements against a sample prior to dispatching containers to yourselves.

Pre-Reg is already utilised by some of our biggest Waste Management customers. They find the system very simple and allows them to control all of their analytical requirements months in advance of the analysis actually being required.

The use of Pre-Reg is ideal for long term monitoring of one or multiple sample points. Our Waste Management customers find that this system allows them to ensure that their field sampling technicians obtain the correct volume of sample in the correct containers. In doing so it enables them to comply with sample stability and ensures all analysis is fully accredited.

By utilising the Pre-Reg system customers can reduce the administration time required to check that the analysis submitted to ALS Environmental is in line with the sites weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual analysis suites. All information will have been already loaded against the sample prior to the bottles being issued.

To ensure that the sampling process is made more efficient ALS can ensure that the sample bottles are packed in a set order or that all of the bottles for one particular sampling point are in one corex box. This exercise makes the samplers job easier and the paperwork can be pre-printed in line with the Pre-Reg request.