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Automated Breach Reporting System

ALS Environmental have developed a Automated Breach Reporting (ABR) system that is able to automatically notify customers who have a positive or failed result against any set of specific limits. The report formats are:

A positive count for a any test can require instant action to protect human health. To help make this information instantly avaialbe to our customers ALS Environmental have developed the ABR to send reports every 15 minutes. The reports offered by ALS can be categoritsed into 4 types:

ABR Report Functionality Analysis Includes
Legionella Any positive Legionella result will automatically be e-mailed to your pre-defined list of contacts Legionella Culture & PCR
Microbiology This format will send a positive notification for every sample that is confirmed for any Microbiological sample to your pre-defined list of contacts. Coliforms, E-coli, Enterococci, Pseudomonas, etc.
PCV Breaches Any breach of the Primary Concentration Values (PCV) will trigger an automated PDF report to highlight any failed samples against the PCV limits to your pre-defined list of contacts. Drinking Water limits as prescribed for England, Scotland and Wales.
Customer Specific This report will send a notification for any result that breaches your unique breach / fail limits to your pre-defined list of contacts Any analysis conducted at ALS

The reports have been designed so we can include our clients logo and for Legionella fails include the read day in the process (day 3, 7 or 10 for the final read). The reports are sent from a new dedicated inbox at ALS to allow for quicker reporting:

The ABR reports can be sent to a varying contacts per report format and can also be tailored to be sent on certain days at certain times of the week to give clients more control of there positive notifications.