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Water Treatment

ESKAPE Pathogens

The risk of contaminated water in nosocomial situations is of added importance due to the high number of immuno-compromised patients that rely on water from these facilities. There has been a high focus on the risks associated with Legionella, such as Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) 04-01 or HSG220 for use in Care Homes, but Legionella is not the only health risk potentially living in your water supply.

The ESKAPE pathogens are all of greater concern due to their antibiotic resistant nature and due to the high risk of infection from contaminated water. To help manage the risk of these bacteria ALS Environmental utilise the MALDI-ToF  approach to provide instant confirmed counts of these bacteria with a full speciation if required:

ESKAPE Pathogen Incubation Time Confirmation: Traditional Confirmation:  MALDI-ToF MALDI-ToF Saving
E nterococcus faecium 2 days 1 day Minutes 1 day
S taphylococcus aureus 2 days 1 day Minutes 1 day
K lebsiella pneumoniae 1 day 1 day Minutes 1 day
A cinetobacter baumannii 1 day 1 day Minutes 1 day
P seudomonas aeruginosa 2 days 1 day Minutes 1 day
E nterobacter species 1 day 1 day Minutes 1 day
S tenotrophomonas 1 day 1 day Minutes 1 day

To download the ALS Environmental technical datasheet on ESKAPE pathogens please click here.