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Water Treatment

microbiology analysis

ALS Environmental provide a wide range of microbiological analysis for waters and wastewaters. This includes the detection, isolation, confirmation and identification of microbial organisms. On a regular basis we receive samples from rivers, water treatment works as well as samples which are registered onto the Public Register by Water Utility suppliers. Analysis provided by ALS Environmental includes:

  • Coliforms
  • E-coli
  • Pseudomonas
  • Pseudomonas Species
  • Salmonella
  • Total Viable Count

As part of our extended portfolio we offer microbiological analysis for sludge and soils in accordance with the safe sludge regulations from sewage treatment works. We provide Bioburden testing of cosmetics, toiletries and dressings. We also analyse Bathing Water in line with the Bathing Water Directive (76/160/EEC) microbiological standards and this includes total and faecal coliforms.

In addition to testing water samples, ALS Environmental can also undertake analysis of swab samples where further investigatory analysis may be required of taps and other sampling point outlets.



Biological Examination

ALS Environmental are also able to offer analysis of a diverse range of samples types including water, soil, sludge, slime and sediment for a biological screen to determine the presence of biological organisms that may be of interest. This is undertaken using microscopy and is designed to provide further information to standard analysis where further investigation is required following customer complaints, or slime/debris build-up in water networks.  This analytical approach allows a wide range of organisms to be analysed, by our vastly experienced staff using start-of-the-art microscopy.

Mycology – Fungal Identification

We are able to offer the isolation and identification of Fungi (Moulds and Yeasts) from a diverse range of sample types.  This can include water samples or culture plates sent to the laboratory.  We can also visit premises to undertake air monitoring where mold contamination is suspected and provide a comprehensive quantification and identification for predominant species.

Algology and Zooplankton

ALS Environmental are able to identify and speciate a diverse range of algae and zooplankton using microscopy.  Algae can cause a number of health issues in reservoirs and can be problematic particularly in the summer for the water treatment process. They can also be implicated in taste and odour issues.