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Water utilities


Trade Effluent is any liquid waste that is discharged into our public sewers from a business or an industrial process and this is governed by the Water Industry Act 1991. Anything that isn't domestic sewage (normal household wastewater), uncontaminated surface water and rainwater run-off is classified as trade effluent. 

Wastewater analysis in the form of discharge consents, especially related to trade effluent testing, are one of the most common forms of analytical requirement placed across all industries. A discharge consent is a legal document issued by your local water authority and this will contain a number of conditions, including those that control the quality and quantity of the discharge produced. As the UK’s leading supplier of wastewater analysis, ALS Environmental are able to provide an analytical suite to meet all of the requirements for your discharge consent.

ALS Environmental has a broad UKAS ISO 17025:2005 accreditation portfolio for wastewater determinands including all of the most common requirements for discharge consents.

Our trade effluent analysis options include but are not limited to:

ALS Environmental provides analysis to enable you to optimise your discharge process and minimise costs in wastewater processing. 


Alongside your wastewater testing, ALS is able to provide analysis suites to assist with monitoring of inlet and in-process waters to ensure that your process systems are running efficiently and effectively. Our range of drinking water testing is Drinking Water Testing Specification (DWTS) accredited in addition to UKAS ISO 17025:2005. We are also able to provide drinking water sampling.