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Air Monitoring

Indoor Air Quality

The impact of of poor indoor air quality on human health is dependent upon several factors including the type of contaminant, concentration of contaminants, the duration of exposure, and individual susceptibility. Indoor air quality or IAQ, can be compromised by a number of contaminants including moulds and airborne bacteria. 

ALS Environmental offers two main methods of monitoring indoor air quality for bacteria and moulds

Air Sampling

We can hire out a dedicated microbiological air sampler, complete with a sampling kit including gloves, alcohol wipes, instructions, charger and agar dependent on the tests required (see below table). The advantage of the air sampler is the directional tip allowing for focused sampling, and the ability to analyse 1000 litres of air in approximately 8 minutes. This is best suited to high intensity sampling, and is commonly used at large sites such as production environments and factories. The instrument uptake air and directs it onto a pre-inserted agar plate. The analysts will then report a result in cfu/plate.

Settle PLates

We can send out settle plates, which can be exposed to the air capturing any airborne microorganisms and returned to the lab for incubation and analysis. Again the results are reported as cfu/plate.

Agar Type Target Organism
Rose Bengal Agar Yeast & Moulds
Yeast Extract Agar Total Viable Counts
GVPC Legionella
MLGA Coliforms & E-coli
Pseud CN Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Pseud CFC Pseudomonas Species

ALS Environmental offer bacterial identification and speciation of IAQ results via the MALDI-ToF confirmation approach, providing an instant and informative definition and meaning to TVC and Yeast & Mould counts.

In addition to IAQ, ALS can also supply swabs and contact plates for any associated environmental analysis. Please contact us here for further information.