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Challenges associated with your samples

Jun 8, 2018

As an ALS customer we value your business, your samples and analysis are very important to us. Sometimes though, as with any process, there may be small issues that can arise and this may cause delays in providing you with your results. ALS would like to work together with our clients to try and make sure these problems are found as early as possible and thus reducing any further complications. The area of concern we have identified is when we first receive the samples at the registration stage, this often leads to delays in the laboratory and subsequently reporting.

The ALS New Client Guide gives a brief overview of the service we provide

ALS have identified a few problems they have experienced and the offered resolutions are given below:


Sending samples once the quote has been received.

A Credit Application Form must be completed and a valid Purchase Order number provided before samples are sent to the laboratory for testing.

Sending in samples requesting analysis that is not on the quote.

Only analysis that is on the quote can be requested. Delays are likely if a new quote is issued for the new analysis.

​​Customers providing incorrect quote numbers/project numbers on paperwork.

This could mean the wrong analysis is carried out on the submitted samples.

​​Bottle Delivery

Clients not filling bottles according to ALS Container Guide instructions.

Specific bottles and sample volume are appropriate to the different types of analysis. If the bottle isn't full this may mean there is insufficient sample for the testing required.

Sample descriptions being on the bottle rather than on the paperwork.

Details on the bottle may be lost in transit and there is no traceability once the bottle has been disposed of.

​​Inappropriate bottles being sent instead of the ALS supplied bottles. 

Our accreditation is linked to the bottles we supply. Most bottles contain fixatives required for the certain tests and are supplied free of charge to UK customers. The absence of the fixatives may invalidate your results.

​​Sample Collection

Relevant paperwork not being supplied or completed properly with submitted samples.

Paperwork must be fully completed so registration can be as straightforward as possible.

Unclear and unconcise paperwork supplied.

Transcription errors may occur if the writing on the paperwork/bottles isn't legible, this can lead to delays.

PO not supplied to customer services co-ordinator.

Without a valid PO number this will stop registration of your samples.

ALS believe if we can reduce the number of problems at the initial stage we can decrease the chances of delays at the reporting stage. We are hoping the increase of users of our new file import application, Chameleon, can also help with the registration of customer's samples. This innovative software generates Excel registration files that can be imported directly into our sample registration system. This speeds up this process and increases accuracy of the transference of information.

If you do have any questions regarding the information above or to find out more about Chameleonplease contact us or our customer service team on 02476 421 213.